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Chargeable secure parking

Paid parking under security surveillance


Parking is free of charge:

- less than a 20-minute stay

- 1 hour for all visitors of the restaurant


Tourist Hotel Parking Rates per one parking lot:
20 minutes - 1 hour, 1 BYN.
Each hour thereafter, 0.5 BYN.
24 hours for hotel residents, 4 BYN.
24 hours, 5 BYN.


Trucks, busses and special vehicles:
20 minutes - 1 hour, 2 BYN.
Each hour thereafter, 1 BYN.
24 hours for hotel residents, 8 BYN.
24 hours, 10 BYN.

Parking fee should be paid in BYR at the parking controller's office.
Long-term contract parking is available:
24 hours within a month, 35  BYN.
19:00 P. M. - 9:00 A. M. within a month, 30  BYN.
9:00 A. M. - 19:00 P. M. within a month, 30  BYN.



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