Extracts from Accommodation & Hotel Service Rules of TOURIST Hotel Complex 

1.2. These Rules have been developed in conformity with the Belarusian Hotel Service Regulations, as approved by Enactment No. 471 of the Belarusian Council of Ministers dated 07/04/2006 (with subsequent amendments and additions), Accommodation rules in hotels of Republic of Belarus, approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus from 17.05.2006 №23 (with subsequent amendments and additions), Belarusian Act on foreign nationals and stateless persons' legal status in Belarus dated 04/01/2010 (Reg. No. 105-3), as well as other statutory acts and regulations governing the rules, procedure and terms of hotel accommodation in the Republic of Belarus.

1.6. The guestbook (comments & feedback) is available with the hotel administrator.

2.1.6. The booking shall be valid till 7 p.m. of arrival day, if not specified otherwise in the reservation order. The booking deadline having expired, the hotel shall be entitled to cancel the reservation.

2.1.7. The confirmed accommodation booking shall provide a priority accommodation privilege over any accommodation extension request.

2.2.3. The accommodation service contract shall be formalized upon presentation of the following identity documents to the hotel administrator: 

- for Belarusian nationals - national passport or, in default, military card (for military men), official certificate to replace the lost passport, birth certificate for children under 16 (sixteen); - for foreign nationals (stateless persons)

- foreign travel passport (for nationals of countries requiring entry visas to Belarus, the passport shall contain the visa to enter and stay in Belarus for the specified period of time), migration card with Belarusian frontier authority entry stamp, medical insurance policy; if the passport is unavailable - residence permit or refugee's card.

2.2.5. Upon check-in, the Guest shall coordinate with the hotel administrator the expected date and time of departure, room cost, payment options, as well as other information of his/her interest. The Guest's personal signature in the registration card shall serve the confirmation of data validity and his/her agreement to comply with these Rules and fire safety regulations.

2.2.8. Any Guest intending to extend his stay in the hotel shall inform the hotel administrator thereof at least 4 (four) hours before the check-out time. Should the same or other room be unavailable, or entry visa be expired, or his/her stay exceed the overall authorized period of stay in Belarus, or otherwise, the Guest shall check out on or before the check-out time and pay for the services rendered.

2.2.9. In case of temporary absence, the Guest shall inform the hotel administrator thereof and prepay the accommodation fee; in default, the room reservation shall expire.

2.2.10. Hotel accommodation before check-out time is possible in case of available and ready to guest accommodation rooms. In the absence of such rooms, accommodation is made after check-out and cleaning rooms, but no later than 14.00 local time.

2.2.11. Room cleaning procedure, towel & linen change regularity, cosmetics & bath accessories availability shall be governed by the effective Belarusian sanitary regulations and standards.

2.2.12. Alcoholic and/or drug intoxicated visitors are not allowed.

3.2. Settlements are based on 12 p.m. check-in time, irrespective of the actual time of check-in.

3.3. The Guests shall pay the accommodation fee on a day-by-day basis, or prepay the entire period of stay, subject to the effective price list.

3.4. For part-day staying, whole-day fee shall be charged.

3.5. Half-day accommodation fee shall apply:

-  for check-ins before the check-in time, from midnight to 12 p.m.:

-  for check-outs after the check-out time, from 12 p.m. to midnight.

3.6. Accommodation fee for children under 8 shall not be charged when living with their parents (guardians) in the same room without extra bed being provided.

3.8. In case of pre-term departure, with the entire stay having been prepaid, the hotel makes the refund of the accommodation fees prepaid in excess. The refund procedure shall be authorized by the hotel administrator against the original invoice and hotel receipt only.

4.1. The hotel is intended for temporary stays, always subject to compliance with the passport / visa regulations and these Rules.

4.3. The Guest card issued upon check-in shall serve the valid document for the room key to be given and the hotel pass.

4.6. Subject to prior consent of the other Guests of the same room and notification of the hotel administration, any Guest is allowed to invite visitors during the period from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.. All visits shall be registered by the hotel administrator.

4.7. The Guests shall be fully responsible for timely departure of their visitors and their compliance with these Rules. Any visitor's stay after 11 p.m. shall be deemed his/her stay at the hotel and subject to formalization, as stipulated by these Rules.

4.9. The hotel shall be fully responsible for safety of Guest's belongings in the room, except for valuables (money, jewels, securities, mobile computers, etc.). All valuables shall be deposited with the hotel depository (safe) for safekeeping. In such case, the hotel shall bear the responsibility for safety of such valuables.

4.10. In case of loss or damage of any thing, the Guest shall notify the hotel administration thereof immediately. After check-out, no claims of loss or damage shall be accepted by the hotel administration.

4.12. In case of any hotel equipment loss or damage by the Guest, a Report of hotel equipment damage (loss) shall be executed. This Report shall serve the basis for indemnity to be cashed by the Guest, subject to the effective price list.

4.13. The Guests are required to use the property and equipment belonging to TOURIST Hotel Complex with care, to abide and comply with these Rules, fire safety regulations, sanitary standards and public order requirements.                      

4.14. All hotel Guests are strictly prohibited:

- to disturb, make inconvenience and/or otherwise cause trouble to other hotel Guests;

- to accommodate other persons in the room in his/her absence, as well as to pass the guest card and/or room key to them; 

- to use water heaters, irons and other electrical heating devices;

- to store bulky staff, weapons, poisonous and/or highly inflammable materials or substances in the room;

- to smoke or drink alcohol in the room, if objected by other Guests in the same room;

- to smoke or permit smoking in smoke-free rooms, as well as in areas not specifically intended for smoking; 

- to keep animals and/or birds in the room;

- to throw things (bottles, cigarette stubs, etc.) out of hotel windows.   

4.15.  For personal security and safety of belongings, the hotel Guests are required: 

- to turn off taps and close windows; to switch off the lights, radio, TV; to lock the room and return the room key to the hotel administrator; 

- to keep public order and comply with these Rules, fire safety regulations, sanitary and hygiene standards. 

4.16. Upon check-out, the Guest shall finally settle the accounts for hotel services rendered, check out the room and return the room key to the hotel administrator.

5.2. The hotel shall be entitled to terminate the accommodation contract in case of numerous and/or gross violation of these Rules.

5.8. When taking the room, the Guest shall assume the liability to pay for the hotel services being rendered and shall be responsible for compliance with these Rules during the entire period of stay. 

5.12. In case of breach of fire safety regulations, sanitary standards and rules, the Guest shall bear the responsibility, as stipulated by law.

5.14. In other cases that are not provided by these Rules, the hotel and the consumer are governed by the laws of the Republic of Belarus.